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Creating original media since 1995

tutor, mentor and media consultant (Enhanced CRB)

Recent work includes:
Team Mentor on short courses teaching filmmaking as team building. International clients include Cooper Gay and Tetra Pak.

Media Technical and Practical Teaching Support at Wiltshire College, Trowbridge. Responsibilities included advising on equipment suitability, use and upgrade.

Media Technical and Practical Teaching Support at John of Gaunt, Trowbridge. DBS was contracted across GCSE and 'A' Level Media and IT courses.

Between 2001 and 2009, DBS Films collaborated on devising then worked as lead directing tutor for the highly successful (and intensive) 1 Month, full time, Practical Filmmaking Course at London Film Academy.

the following films, mentored by DBS Films, were set, dressed and shot in one short working day by fashion students with no previous filmmaking experience or tuition

'Fashion' (password - Fash2) HDV

'Fashion' (password - Fash1) HDV

John Le Brocq