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Creating original media since 1995

'features' (90 to 100 pages)
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Trained and experienced in story structure and script development. DBS Films brings a very original style and intense atmosphere to all their scripts.

AFECT Film School, London
NFTS Scriptwriting

The Script Factory
(from their review of The Hanging Garden)
"... an ambitious and original talent... That is rare."

(from their review of Vampire Church)

"Highly original... excellent dialogue entirely suited to the script and characters"


All featured scripts are written by John Le Brocq and (unless 'previously commissioned' or 'in progress') are available ....


'The Hanging Garden' The kind of Neo Noir thriller that happens when you take too big a step to the left of reality.

'Vampire Church' - sex, gore, blasphemy and... funny as fuck. A twisted mash up of Alice in Wonderland, Exploitation and Gothic Horror

'Dark View Reformatory' (commissioned re-write) - a dark psychological horror of guilt and possession.


'The Last Magus' - Magick, mystery and maintaining the balance. Angels above, Devils below and we're in the middle fighting to keep a balance between heaven and hell on earth.

'Amber's Story' (commissioned re-write) - inter faith drama in a Northern town.



'in progress'
'The Perfect Crime'
'Titus Fucking Andronicus'
'Valley of the Dommes'


John Le Brocq
'Jeremiah 8.8' (15 pages - Sci Fi)
'The Inadvertent Randomness of Life, Love and Quantum Physics'(20 pages - Eurydice waits for Orpheus in a modern retelling)
'Coffee Shop' (3 pages - a writer's mind wanders over coffee)
'Fuel Stop' (10 pages - a near future dystopia set on a garage forecourt)